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It’s time to cross over to the future. We’ll show you why Performance Marketing is far superior to traditional advertising. 


Spend of $5,000 for both Online & Offline

Let’s start advertising in both Offline & Online channels.


Offline Marketing


NewsPaper, Radio, Brochure, Billboard

Offline: We have no Data



Offline, how many users have heard our Radio Ad? How many have drove by our Billboard placement? How many kept our brochure after the sales assistant gave it to them? We don’t know.

We have the exact number of users that has interacted with your brand

Cost per Click, Cost per Message

On Digital, we are able to track users and behaviours down the marketing funnel on any platforms: FB, IG, Website, etc. This includes conversion actions such as: messaging our business.

Offline: No Insights, No Tracking



Offline, a customer decided to walk in to your shop.

Most tracking is stopped here as we’re unable to track what they did afterwards unless there’s manual review.

Further Insights: the power of Pixel TrackingGoogle Conversion

Cost per Add to cart, Cost per Purchase

Online however, we can track what users do on your e-commerce website: did they browse the different product categories? How long did they spend on each page? Why didn’t they complete the purchase?

Offline: No Data



Offline, we will have the record of their purchases from the cashier, but it ends there.

Total Purchase/Revenue generated from specific Ads

Return on Ad Spend

Online, we are able to see more. First, we can track purchases and revenue coming from specific Ads that we are running on FB, IG, or Google. What Ad visual, messaging or Promo mechanism drove our customers to conversions? Data is valuable to make smarter decisions to scale business.

Offline: We can’t retarget past purchasers



Offline, we will have the record of their purchases from the cashier, but it ends there.

Retarget past purchasers or users engaged with your brand and incentivise their return with exclusive offers. 

Online, we have that data and more. With CRM to store our client’s database, we can manually retarget them with other product Ads or reward their return to our website with special offers through email marketing.